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Zara 4 Compresses and Optimizes your images

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Getting started with Zara 4

How you can start using Zara 4 to compress and optimize your images

Web Interface

Simply drag and drop your images to start compressing.

Web Interface

Platform Plugins

Using WordPress or Joomla? Install the Zara 4 plugin and start automatically compressing your images now.


Developer API

Integrate image compression into your applications using the Zara 4 image optimization API and SDKS.

API Docs

Accelerate Your Websites And Applications

Compressing your images makes your website load faster and cost less to run

Speed Up Your Websites And Apps

Images make up a large part of what your users download when visiting your website. Similarly uncompressed images can make your apps bulky and slow. If your photos aren't optimized they could be holding you back.

Compressing your images with Zara 4 is the simple way to ensure your images are lightweight, fast loading and production ready.

Cut Your Running Costs

Optimizing your images with Zara 4 can significantly reduce your data transfer and file storage fees, saving you money by cutting your operating costs.

Optimized images use less file storage space, load faster and reduces the network usage of your servers.

Save Storage Space
Faster Loading Content
Reduce Data Transfer

Boost Your Search Ranking

Google and other search engines now consider a website's loading speed an important factor when ranking websites. Faster loading websites are looked upon more favourably than slow loading websites.

Optimizing your images with Zara 4 can boost your website's search ranking and Search Engine Optimization by speeding up your page loading time.

Progressive Loading

Many images on the web load from top to bottom meaning you have to wait for the entire picture to download before you can see what it is.

Zara 4 encodes images differently, so instead your pictures load progressively in layers from blurry to sharp. The result is your pictures are visible in a fraction of the time and become increasingly detailed as the image loads.

Displaying images faster makes your website snappier and more professional, improving the user experience of visitors to your website.

Animation demonstrating loading images from blurry to sharp, when optimized by Zara 4

Normal Image

Zara 4 Image

For demonstration purposes. Currently supported for JPG